Is There Such a Thing As Good Sugar?


Various Types of Sugar

  • Starch (from, for example bread, pasta, rice) consists of long chains of 100% glucose.
  • Plain sugar contains exactly 50% fructose and 50% glucose, purified from sugar beets or sugarcanes.
  • Honey has roughly the same sugar distribution as plain sugar
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup, the cheap sugar from corn that is used in, for example, American sodas and candy, is around 55% fructose and 45% glucose.
  • Agave nectar contains up to 90% fructose and the rest is glucose.

The higher the proportion of fructose is, the less sugar you have to eat before you get fat and diabetic.

Chris Masterjohn on cholesterol & heart disease

Chris Kresser interviews Chris Masterjohn on cholesterol and heart disease.

Chris Masterjohn has a PhD in nutritional sciences studying how diet and nutrition works on a physiological and biochemical level.

Extremely good detailed description of current thinking and analysis of past studies.

Part 1

* the history of the cholesterol-heart disease connection
* misconceptions around diet vs. lipid hypothesis
* finding middle ground between cholesterol skeptics and proponents of the lipid hypothesis
* the LDL receptor and familial hypercholesterolemia and what they can tell us about cholesterol and CHD in normal populations

Part 2

* what is a “normal” cholesterol? what can anthropological studies tell us about this?
* are lipoprotein particle size tests accurate? what’s the best way of determining particle size?
* why do some people have high cholesterol (TC & LDL) after adopting a Paleo/WAPF diet? is this something to be concerned about?

Part 3

* The role of cholesterol in heart disease
* What to do – or not do – about high cholesterol
* The thyroid-LDL connection and why iodine matters
* Are goitrogenic foods inhibiting your thyroid function and raising your cholesterol?
* The telltale sign you need more carbs