Doug McGuff MD | Biochemistry of the Paleo Diet (and slow burn exercise)

A good summary of everything I have learned so far including LCHF, metabolism and slow burn exercise.

The whole video is interesting in parts, but the really interesting part is the science from approx 1hr 2m for about 25mins.

It explains how and why a few mins of slow-burn, muscle failing training works better then an hour of aerobics. Good explanation of cell metabolism too.

The Q&A after that is good too.

Tall Tommy and Fat Freddy - the inconsistent medical profession

A mother takes her two teenage sons to the doctor.

Tall Tommy is 6ft 10in and weighs 16 stone.

The doctor diagnoses a growth hormone problem and prescribes medication. He doesn't tell Tommy eating too much is making him tall.

Fat Freddy is 5ft 2in and also weighs 16 stone.

The doctor tells Freddy to eat less and exercise more. Sloth and gluttony are making him fat.

Same weight, same cause (hormone problem) - completely different attitude.