How Bad Science and Big Business Created the Obesity Epidemic

PDF of slides from the presentation

Another good summary from someone who researched the real science including:

- how we've known what to eat and how to fix obesity for 150 years
- the science for and against and how the US and presumably the UK were misled
- a personal history of the lecturer's weight loss and blood lipids improvements
- the history of how we got here and the influence of food and drug companies
- how arteries really get blocked (last 5 minutes)

Low Carb vs Paleo

Low carb high fat is based on current medical science with hunter gatherer vs modern life as a supporting factor. Saturated fats are good.

Paleo aims to be based on actual hunter gatherer diet from archaeological data. No domestic animals -> no dairy. No agriculture -> no crops (wheat, rice, etc). Saturated fat was eaten only in seasons when hunted animals were fat themselves.