Chris Masterjohn on cholesterol & heart disease

Chris Kresser interviews Chris Masterjohn on cholesterol and heart disease.

Chris Masterjohn has a PhD in nutritional sciences studying how diet and nutrition works on a physiological and biochemical level.

Extremely good detailed description of current thinking and analysis of past studies.

Part 1

* the history of the cholesterol-heart disease connection
* misconceptions around diet vs. lipid hypothesis
* finding middle ground between cholesterol skeptics and proponents of the lipid hypothesis
* the LDL receptor and familial hypercholesterolemia and what they can tell us about cholesterol and CHD in normal populations

Part 2

* what is a “normal” cholesterol? what can anthropological studies tell us about this?
* are lipoprotein particle size tests accurate? what’s the best way of determining particle size?
* why do some people have high cholesterol (TC & LDL) after adopting a Paleo/WAPF diet? is this something to be concerned about?

Part 3

* The role of cholesterol in heart disease
* What to do – or not do – about high cholesterol
* The thyroid-LDL connection and why iodine matters
* Are goitrogenic foods inhibiting your thyroid function and raising your cholesterol?
* The telltale sign you need more carbs

Doug McGuff MD | Biochemistry of the Paleo Diet (and slow burn exercise)

A good summary of everything I have learned so far including LCHF, metabolism and slow burn exercise.

The whole video is interesting in parts, but the really interesting part is the science from approx 1hr 2m for about 25mins.

It explains how and why a few mins of slow-burn, muscle failing training works better then an hour of aerobics. Good explanation of cell metabolism too.

The Q&A after that is good too.